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Mountain Flowers

A Field Guide to the Flora of the Drakensberg and Lesotho. Featuring 320 pages, 800 colour photos, illustrations and maps. This region is the only part of southern Africa with frequent snow and ice - home therefore to alpines. There are more than 190 species endemic to the area, making it an area of global botanical importance. The fully illustrated book is designed to be a lightweight easy-to-use field guide.

Price : Hardcover - R175 + postage,  Softcover - R150 + postage.  

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  • Author: Elsa Pooley

Pooley's Trees of Eastern South Africa

A Complete Guide. Featuring 624 pages, colour photos, b/w line drawings,and colour distribution maps.   Price : Hardcover - R250 + postage, Softcover - R200 + postage.   

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It is a compact guide describing all the larger woody plants of the Eastern Region of South Africa, home to over 63% of all the tree species south of the Limpopo river. The full range covered will extend through KwaZulu-Natal; Eastern Cape, north of the Buffalo River; Lesotho; Eastern Free State; Swaziland and southern Mozambique. Due to its unique and comprehensive nature, the book may also be used as far north as Zambia.

With the invaluable assistance of Elsa Pooley, Richard Boon has been responsible for all improvements, (research, photography, mapping) and updating of this new revised edition which contains:

  • 1,100 species described, and 74 invasive alien species
  • Family and genus descriptions
  • Informative text facing the colour plates
  • Line drawings of the leaves
  • Colour distribution maps
  • A new key and highlighting diagnostic features to aid identification
  • Ecological and gardening notes
  • Medicinal and other uses
  • Author: Richard Boon

Port Elizabeth in your hands

A guide to Nelson Mandela Bay

"Port Elizabeth in your hands" is a guide to Nelson Mandela Bay. The book is a combination of a historical book of the area combined with information of what to do in NMB. Price R100 + postage.

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  • Author: Dean Vernon

Courage Endured

HARRIS, Alan   2011   Courage Endured    - price R 100

Contains biographies of servicemen commemorated on the war memorial at Marondera, Zimbabwe.   

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  • Author: Alan HARRIS

Shipwreck survivors

This book is based on the narratives of the 16th and 17th century survivors of shipwrecks along the Eastern Cape coast.   They made epic journeys both along the coast and going inland.   There were heros - astute leaders like Nino  and villans, some who made it to safety and some who stayed behind.     The survivors startled the resident people such that "even their cows were amazed".

This is a fascinating book of great historical interest as the survivors' description of the people they met are the first written accounts of African societies in southern Africa - pre-dating Van Riebeeck.       The author, a historian and  former director of the East London Museum has continued the work of Eric Axelson and Graham Bell-Cross 

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  • Author: Gillian Vernon


This colourful and useful book deals with more fishing spots and also contains an identitfication guide to 86 species of fish that are most commonly caught as well as pictures of anglers and their catches.  

Price R220

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